A Christmas Miracle: Abandoned Dog With Heartbreaking Note R

A Christmas Miracle: Abandoned Dog With Heartbreaking Note Rescued And Gotten Home Just In Time For Christmas


November 22, 2018 19:32 By Mambee

Almost every home has a pet, particularly dogs. This is not surprising, considering how much joy these animals bring along with them.

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A Christmas Miracle: Abandoned Dog With Heartbreaking Note Rescued And Gotten Home Just In Time For Christmas

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However, sometimes life is not always rosy for these amazing creatures.

It is believed that an outrageous 6.5 million dogs are rescued and gotten into animal shelters every year, the vast majority of which are dogs.

Worse, many of them had been abandoned by their owners and were lucky find the kindness of strangers who intervened to make sure they lived. 

A Christmas Miracle: Abandoned Dog With Heartbreaking Note Rescued And Gotten Home Just In Time For Christmas

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These rescue stories are like little miracles sometimes. 

Boy rescues dog just in time to save its life for Christmas

It was the holiday season, and a janitor was working his shift at a local school. It was freezing outside, but then he heard a knock.

He was surprised, considering it was really late and cold, but he went ahead to check the door. As he was about to open it, he sighted a little boy running away in the distance.

He was shocked by what he saw on the ground, though: There was a little puppy in a box, with a note attached to its side. It read:

Apparently, the boy had found the helpless dog on the street and had decided to help.

Not being able to keep the pup, the boy brought it to the school hoping someone would help her.

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Fortunately, he was right. The janitor decided to help the little puppy and give her out to a teacher at the school - one he was sure loved dogs.

But things were still not okay for 'Snowflakes', as the teacher named her.

Unfortunately, the teacher realized she could not keep her for long and decided to give her out. However, if she could not keep the little puppy, she was going to make sure it got the best home possible.

And so the quest for finding Snowflakes a new home started. She called the local animal shelter, the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, and after a short while, Snowflakes was well settled in at the shelter

On Dec 21, a few days to Christmas and a few weeks after Snowflakes was found wandering helplessly on the streets, she found her new home.

The connection between the little puppy and the new family was immediate.

When they heard the story of how Snowflakes got to be with them, it was referred to as a Christmas miracle.

Home in time for Christmas

The shelter shared images of Snowflake's transformation through her ordeal. It was beautiful and got the attention of thousands of people through their social media page.

Of course, several people had terrific things to say, and surely Snowflakes would be glad to hear them.

Thanks to that little boy, the janitor, the school teacher and the whole crew of Pit Dog Rescue, Snowflakes found a home just in timefor Christmas.

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