Meet The World’s Oldest Land Animal: He Is 187 Years Old, Older Than The Light Bulb

Date March 27, 2019

It is difficult to wrap one’s mind around a living creature being older than the light bulb, but this one animal is that old!

Meet Jonathan. He is about 187 years old, and he is said to be the oldest land animal in the world.

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The giant tortoise is from Seychelles and lives a comfortable life on the island of St. Helena, a British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic Ocean. When you are that old, you become a national treasure!

When he was brought to the island in 1882, he was estimated to be about 50 years old because he was already mature. This way, his hatch date was put around 1832, which is even before the first motorized car.

If Jonathan could speak, imagine the stories he could tell.

Belonging to the subspecies of Aldabra giant tortoise, Jonathan is so famous in his adopted country that his portrait is on the back of the five pence coin. More so, he lives on the grounds of the old governor’s mansion.

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Speaking on his character, Teeny Lucy, the chairperson of the local SPCA, notes that:

“Being the oldest land animal in the world, he has almost royal status here. He is dignified and interacts in a friendly way as long as people move slowly around him. We are all very fond of him.”

Some years ago, the celebrated tortoise began experiencing health issues. Jonathan's beak, which he uses to cut grass, grew weak while he suffered from cold as well as weight loss. Luckily, tweaks to his diet got him back in great shape.

However, he is blind due to cataracts and has trouble with his sense of smell.

On the other hand, the fact he is now as fit as a fiddle just may make him outlive the oldest animal to have ever lived - Tu’i Malila, a tortoise that died at the age of 189 in 1965.

We hope that Jonathan lives out the rest of his days happily. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Johnathan could share some of the experiences he has shared? What legends those might have become!

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