Heart-Melting Moment When Ohio Firefighters Rescue Puppy Who Was Drowning In Ice

Date December 10, 2018

Ice drowning is one of the common causes of death during winter periods, and this is because people and sometimes animal often find themselves trailing on this fragile surface, which is not so safe.

Children and pets are at most risk, as they are more attracted to it. An example of this is the story of this puppy.

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7-Month-Old puppy falls in ice and is saved by heroic firefighters

It was a cold morning in Norton Ohio, and Jillian Olsen, one of the residents of Rush Road was in with his female Great Pyrenees when he decided to let her have some fresh air.

They had been doing this all the time and didn't have any problem with that until the unexpected happened.

While Frankie was outside, she ran on the pond which had its top frozen due to the cold, and unfortunately, she fell through it. Jillian was in shock.

Right there in front of his eyes was his 7-month-old dog trembling, and he was unable to do anything. He tried using a Kayak, but it didn't help either.

Luckily, he was able to make a call to the Norton Fire Department.

At 11:00 am, the emergency service rushed down to his place and one of them, Dwayne Marty immediately got on his surface ice rescue suit, and jumped into the pond. While recounting the event, Dwayne said:

"I could see the dog, and it was kind of sitting there, it was really tired, I could tell the fight was out of the dog."

He was able to save Frankie, but a few minutes longer the story would have ended differently.

The men took her to their car and helped her get back warm. A while later she was back on her feet.

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The owner, Norton was grateful to the men who helped him save his dog and showered praises on them.

The men also took to their social media page to share a picture of themselves alongside Frankie, and it was pretty evident that saving her meant a lot to them.

It was followed by a lot of positive reactions from people on the internet. 

How can you prevent your dog from experiencing Frankie’s ice trauma?

Frankie may have been lucky, but sometimes help may not be so readily available. It is therefore vital to know how to prevent such tragedies, and how to get help if you find your pet in such.

The most important thing is the be careful with icy surfaces. Yes, sometimes it's okay to have some fun on them, but most times they are not thick enough and can break easily.

Heart-Melting Moment When Ohio Firefighters Rescue Puppy Who Was Drowning In IceStandret /

Stay away from thin ice. This is very important.  If you ever find yourself in such a situation whereby your dog or kid need rescue, the most important thing to do is to call 911.  

Jumping into a follow-up rescue by yourself is equally dangerous, and could make matters worse. Then, try to avoid panic, and lastly try to prevent such from happening again next time. With winter approaching, we should be cautious as we catch some fun on the icy surfaces.

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