Rescuers Save 18 Dogs Left Chained And Malnourished At A Church Yard In Romania. Animal Neglect Must Be Brought To An End!


December 28, 2018 18:22 By Mambee

When people hear the term "animal abuse", it is common for them to think of violence being inflicted on these poor creatures. However, abuse goes beyond that and, sadly, is very rampant in the world today.

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Rescuers Save 18 Dogs Left Chained And Malnourished At A Church Yard In Romania. Animal Neglect Must Be Brought To An End!RachenPhotographer /

Apart from violence, which is frequent in modern society, other forms include fur farming, where the animals are skinned alive to make coats, animal wrestling, meat trade, animal racing, and animal experimentation.

These creatures go through a lot, and the most subtle and common form of abuse is neglect. An instance of severe neglect has been found in the premises of, surprisingly, a church. 

18 maltreated dogs rescued

Members of the volunteer animal rescue organization Barking Mad Dog Rescue decided to check out the premises of a church in Romania, following a tip from a local city hall. They had no idea what to expect and were hoping to go through another routine rescue of a few dogs. They were shocked by what they came across.

There were 18 severely malnourished dogs chained to different poles in the churchyard. They were in extremely horrible conditions. The chains used to hold them were so short they could not lie down and there were no signs of their being fed in sight.

Members of the rescue team started an investigation and discovered that one of the church priests had saved them from the streets, but was incapable of taking care of them all sufficiently.

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He fed them only twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, which was grossly inadequate.

The rescue team felt overwhelmed but decided to try their very best for the helpless animals. Crew leader Gea, while speaking to Dodo, disclosed that despite their horrific conditions, the animals were all over them when they arrived, and ‘literally hugged’ them.

They decided to feed the dogs immediately, something the poor animals accepted enthusiastically. The rescue team could not save all the dogs at once, so they took the most ailing six along with them the first time and then built additional shelters to house the rest, which they later came back for.

Within a few days, all the dogs were moved into their new homes and were receiving proper treatment. Members of the Barking Mad Dog Rescue disclosed that the relief the animals felt was easily felt.

Some of them have been named, and the team is working towards getting them into homes, where they can get a shot at a better life.

Ways to help homeless pets

Unfortunately, there are millions of dogs going through abominable experiences all over the world. Sadly, many of them are not so lucky to be saved. Still, general efforts from everyone can go a long way in helping them.

Firstly, it's essential to help these animals get off the street by getting them to local shelters. Secondly, donations to shelters help keep them running, and getting more animals off the streets. In the absence of money, there are other ways to contribute to these organizations.

Rescuers Save 18 Dogs Left Chained And Malnourished At A Church Yard In Romania. Animal Neglect Must Be Brought To An End!spyfoxster /

This also includes giving out supplies such as fresh sheets, or other home equipment you don't need anymore but which could be useful for the shelter animals.

Also, you can aid by giving out your time to assist in taking care of the animals and providing them with some much-needed love. Lastly, help out when it comes to adoption.

These animals go through a lot in the hand of those they are most loyal to, which is  - humans. It is our responsibility to help in any way we can. We owe them this much.

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