The Smurf Dog: Veterinary Hospital Admits Dog With Surprising Symptoms

Date December 10, 2018

Pets are curious animals and will sniff around just about anything in your house. However, you have to recognize what is unsafe for your pet and keep them away from it.

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Dangerous paints

Paint is a hazardous product that your pet should not come in contact with, and it comes in different forms: house paint (water and oil based), art paint, and varnishes. Varnish is an oil-based paint used to embelish and finish surfaces. Lead paint is the most dangerous paint there is.

Though the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission has placed a ban on lead-based paint, it is still widely in use. Oil based and varnishes can be inhaled and cause laxation problems.

There is no specific amount of paint considered dangerous to pets, but it often takes a large amount for the effects on their health to be noticed, therefore, it's best to keep all paint products far away from them.

The Smurf dog

A vet clinic in the Galapagos received an unusual guest. A volunteer walked into the hospital informing them that a blue dog was outside.

The vets, ere confused at that statement, decided to rush out only to find a five-month-old husky named Taylor.

The only weird thing was that she was completely blue! So, they decided to rename her ‘Smurf’.

However, she wasn’t brought in for her unusual color but her lack of appetite and moody behavior. Her symptoms made the vets concerned, they then connected her symptoms with the paint all over her.

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Tod Emko, the president of Darwin Animal Doctors, told The Dodo that Taylor had been found by her owner playing with a bag of blue mix paint, and she has since been throwing up paint.

They gave her the treatment she needed and asked her owner to wash her gently, avoiding scrubbing hard. Thankfully, her owner followed the doctor's orders and Taylor eventually became herself again!

Other unsafe household products

It is very easy to think your house is safe for your pet, but here are a few everyday household items which are considered very dangerous for animals:

  • Candy bars and chocolates;
  • Human medication;

The Smurf Dog: Veterinary Hospital Admits Dog With Surprising SymptomsAfrica Studio /

  • Grapes and raisins;
  • Pest control products;
  • Gum.

Prevention is better than cure. It's easier to keep the home pet-friendly than to deal with a sick or injured dog. Enjoy!

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