Homeless Dog Keeps Waiting For Stewardess For 6 Months, So She Offers Him A Forever Home

Date March 22, 2019

Love is patient. Love is unconditional. If you doubt these two aphorisms, then look no further than this homeless but determined dog.

Homeless stats

Being homeless is one of the most destabilizing things that could happen to anyone, and it is no different for animals.

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Homeless Dog Keeps Waiting For Stewardess For 6 Months, So She Offers Him A Forever Home/ Coffeemill

Out of the 7.6 million animals that make it into shelters (3.9 million are dogs), at least 2.7 million cats and dogs are euthanized every year because the shelters are too full.

Meanwhile, an estimated 70 million cats roam the streets, without homes. For dogs, it is almost impossible to know the number for sure.

Therefore, efforts to adopt as many companion animals as possible are never enough.

Undying love

Being an air hostess, Olivia Sievers from Germany is well-acquainted with traveling around the world. That means exposure to lots of cultures and oddities but seeing a dog so set on her was a new experience.

One of her common flight routes is from Germany to Argentina and one of such trips, she was exploring Buenos Aires in Argentina when she saw a stray dog near her hotel.

Drawn to him, she stopped to pet him and offered him a treat.

However, she did not realize that a bond had been forged. He followed her, and though she tried to get him off her tail, the dog was undeterred.

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Speaking to Noticiero Trece, she remarked,

“I tried for one hour, but he always watched me and followed me. He was really happy that somebody gave him attention.”

The dog remained in front of the hotel every day until she left the city. When she returned sometime later, he was right there again to greet her.

Sievers was moved by the dog’s predicament, so she got him a home through a local shelter.

However, the dog did not have it. He ran away back to Sievers, and this time, she knew what the dog had been telling her for six months. He wanted her and no one else.

Eventually, she adopted him and took him to Germany with her. The dog, now named Rubio, and Sievers are happy together.

Helping homeless pets

All hands must be on deck to curb the menace of pet homelessness but how? Petsafe suggests:

1. Spray your pets so that they don’t over-reproduce;

2. Donate to charities and events geared towards creating awareness;

3. Volunteer at the local shelter or events;

Homeless Dog Keeps Waiting For Stewardess For 6 Months, So She Offers Him A Forever HomeLucas Photo /

4. Share the right information on social media;

5. Donate materials to your local shelter;

6. Donate at the local pet store.

Showing love and care for homeless animals do not require so much. Decide today to do better and make the world pet safe.

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