Animal Love: The Incredible Bond Between A Rescued Kitten And The Dog Who 'Adopted' It

Date March 28, 2019

While many people would like to believe that animals are emotionless and lack the ability to love, these creatures constantly surprise us. Not only are they kind to each other, but they also extend that love and kindness to animals from other species, proving that some of them do have a really big heart.


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One of such beautiful friendship involves a rescued cat and the dog who became a surrogate mother to it.

A school teacher named Kimberly was passing by one day when she heard the sound of a kitten's meow. She discovered the little feline looking quite sick and sad.


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Kimberly noticed the cat's eyes were stuck shut and she desperately needed help. So she picked the defenseless creature up and took her home. 

While speaking to LoveMeow, Kimberly said that the kitten was about four weeks old but too skinny and small for her age. She named the cat Pretzel and decided to care for her.


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Taking care of the cat involved bottle-feeding her while also treating her eyes with antibiotics. As soon as Pretzel began to feel better, she became aware of Kimberly's dog, Morty, who seemed very eager to care for the cat, too. 

Kimberly said they were initially nervous about how the dog would react to the cat, but the pair soon struck up a beautiful friendship.


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In fact, while Pretzel was undergoing treatment, Morty was always there to help by licking the kitten's face and keeping a watchful eye on her. Kimberly said that Pretzel saw Morty as her 'mom', probably because the canine was gentle with the fragile cat.


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Morty became protective of the cat and the pair spent a lot of time together. Pretzel soon began to feel much better as her infections cleared up, but she never forgot who was there for her. Morty and Pretzel loved to play, cuddle and even nap together, Kimberly said. 


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It clearly didn't matter that they were of different species. Morty accepted Pretzel as a mother would and now the pair are two peas in a pod. How wonderful!

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