Brave Dog Survives Dangerous Wildfire And Protects His Home For Weeks Until His Family Returns

Date December 12, 2018

The massive wildfires that ravaged California led to the loss of lives and the destruction of thousands of homes and shelters. It was a major disaster that had many people leaving everything behind to seek safety. 

A month after the wildfire, residents of the affected areas started returning to see the state  their property would be in. One of such residents was Andrea Gaylord, who returned to her home in Paradise. She was thrilled to see that her dog, Madison, had managed to survive the fire and was apparently waiting for her return.

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Andrea told ABC that, when she left her home, she had a feeling that Madison must have survived. So, she reached an animal rescue volunteer named Shayla Sullivan and asked her to check on the dog. At that time, Shayla was already taking care of Andrea's other dog, Miguel. 

She began putting out food and water for Madison while she checked on Andrea's property. 

As soon as people were allowed to return to their homes, Andrea went back to see the damage. She arrived on her property to see Madison waiting for her. She said:

Imagine the loyalty of hanging in the worst of circumstances and being here waiting.

It was pretty clear that, even though everything was in ruins, Madison took it upon himself to ensure the area was protected until his owners returned. And while she lost everything to the fire, Andrea claims that she now has a memory she will never forget. And, of course, she knows exactly how loyal and faithful her beloved dog is. 

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The story of the brave dog was so amazing that many people could not help but give the dog words of appreciation and praise on social media. 

Madison was a hero indeed. At a time when he was not even sure his family was okay, or whether they would return, the dog did not relent. We bet his family will always be grateful for it. 

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