Man Is Relieved To Find His Missing Dog. Then He Realizes His Pup Has Some Peculiar Friends With Him

Date January 22, 2019

A dog may decide to take an adventurous trip away from home and, unlike humans, they are not capable of communicating to us that they are heading out for a while. Hence, when our beloved pups suddenly disappear, we consider them missing and we're worried about their safety. 

Bo, the dog, has sort of proven that running away from home can actually be an exciting thing for an animal. They get to explore a wider horizon and may even make a friend or two. 

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This adorable black Lab belongs to Laura Krier. Laura told TheDodo that Bo snuck out of the house one night to have a fantastic time in the open fields. His family woke up to realize that Bo was gone and, naturally, they were worried. 

They searched everywhere for him and eventually, they got word that a dog fitting Bo's description was spotted playing in a field 6 miles away from the family property. 

Laura's husband, Kyle, then set out with his truck to go pick up the dog. The choice of vehicle happened to be pretty lucky because it turned out that Kyle wouldn't be picking up only Bo that day. 

When he arrived. the dog raced excitedly through the field to meet his owner, who was recording the special moment. What Kyle did not expect was Bo's buddies: a truly fascinating pair. 

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In the video, which Kyle posted to Facebook, we could see another dog racing happily behind Bo, and then a goat.

The dog, named Ozzy, and the goat, Libby, were no strangers to Kyle. They belonged to the Krier's neighbors, Laura said. It sure seemed like after he slipped out of his own home the night before, Bo headed on over to the neighbors and his buddies snuck out as well. 

Or perhaps Bo wasn't even the mastermind at all. Maybe the goat was the main hatcher of this runaway plan. We'll probably never know.

What we do know for sure is that this video brought a big smile to our faces and to millions of others who saw it!

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