Spanish Police Adopt A Puppy After Rescuing Him From His Abuser

Date November 22, 2018

The Spanish police have adopted a puppy after they found him being mistreated on the streets. The authorities in Granada responded to a call about a man being cruel to his German Shepherd. They arrived on the scene to see the sweet dog being mercilessly kicked by his abuser. 

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The police stopped the man immediately and quickly took the dog to a hospital. As the animal was recovering, the officers decided that they were going to adopt him and then recruit him to the police force. The Granada-based department revealed that they intend to train the dog to become a member of their crime-fighting team. 

The police shared pictures of the dog on Twitter and also enlisted the help of their followers on choosing a name. The options included Rocky, Lucky, Iron and Stan Lee.

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Based on the poll, 'Stan Lee' was taking the lead, and this was even before the comic book legend passed away. 

In a series of tweets, the Spanish Police shared the circumstances surrounding the dog's rescue and revealed that the man who was maltreating the animal has now been arrested for abuse. 

According to the local reports, when they came to rescue him, the dog had bruises and injuries to the stomach. Thankfully, there was no internal damage and he has now made a full recovery.

Thanks to the members of this police force, the dog no longer has to suffer pain and abuse. It was also a good thing that those who witnessed the man assaulting the animal were able to call for help immediately.

They were all heroes to the German Shepherd and now that he's becoming a police dog, he will be able to repay their kindness and be hero to someone in need. 

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