Heartbreaking! Cat Rejected By His Owner For Being Too Affectionate


January 11, 2019 19:02 By Mambee

The saddening statistics say that 3.2 million cats end up in shelters every year. People abandon their pets for various reasons: they move away, get children, or just get tired of caring about them. But this lovely cat was rejected for being too cuddly and affectionate.

It sounds like nonsense, doesn't it? The Michigan Cat Rescue got the ginger puss after finding him in an abandoned building. They called him a lap cat because he loved cuddling up in people’s laps.

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Jacque was so tender and affectionate that he soon found a new owner. However, in a year, she brought him back. Nancy Hutchinson, the president of the Michigan Cat Rescue, told Dodo that the woman rejected him for being too cuddly.

After about a year, she said she didn’t want him anymore. She said, ‘He’s constantly trying to sit in my lap — I just can’t stand it anymore. I’ll have to return him to you — this is not what I signed up for.”

That statement shocked the staff. Unfortunately, Jacque was having a hard time coping with emotional stress caused by being abandoned. His immune system got weak and he got very sick. He refused to eat for days. While the vets were trying hard to improve the feline’s health, the shelter didn’t stop searching for the perfect home for him. Finally, they met a wonderful couple, who fell in love with the lap cat immediately.

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Liz Myziuk and her husband felt that the furry ginger is just the right one to be a part of the family. Hutchinson confessed she cried when she learned they wanted to adopt him so much!

The affectionate cat could finally give love to those who really appreciate it! He received a new name, Giuseppe, and started a new life without stress.

Animals have needs and feelings, just like us. Whenever they feel neglected and unappreciated, they dive deep into a depressive state that affects their health drastically. If you are considering adopting an animal from a shelter, make sure your personalities match. Once you take them into your home and heart, you give them a reason to trust you. So make sure you do not betray such precious gift.

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