That's Extreme: In A Chilean Zoo, People May Observe Wild Nature From Within Cages While Animals Are Free

Date January 25, 2019

If you are fed up with the dullness of life, you may consider going to the zoo. Watching wild animals has always been attractive to people on a certain level, but what about going to the extreme and visit Safari Lion Zoo, in Rancagua, Chile?

This place is one of a kind. Visitors have the chance to observe the wild animals in their natural environment. And in contrast to the traditional rules, the beasts run free. It's the people who get to be in cages.

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The local lions love those tourists. As the visitors are allowed to attract the huge cats, the lion feel free to approach the cars and jump on the cages. The view can make you shrink in fear!

Visitors not allowed to feed the lions, though, but they are free to take pictures or selfies with them, and pet them, too. That’s, of course, if they don’t mind.

The attraction is certainly for the bravest animal lovers!

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Such close interaction with wild animals is risky and it makes a shiver go down the spine. It’s important to remember that a wild animal's behaviour is unpredictable, and although a lion may seem friendly at a certain moment, it may get irritated and angry all of a sudden.

We don’t know enough  about them! That’s why Discover Wildlife recommends not to approach them at all and treat them with utmost respect and caution.

You never know whether the animals are hunting for prey, nursing a cub, or if there are courting, which makes them more aggressive towards others. Educate yourself about the species you are about to see or meet in the wild areas.

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