Video That Shows Hunter Rescuing A Deer From A Frozen Lake Melted The Hearts Of Animal Lovers


January 9, 2019 16:55 By Mambee

Life can take an unexpected curve and turn hunters into rescuers. This is what happened in a frozen lake in Pike County when a group of fellow hunters noticed a young deer stuck in the middle of the lake.

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The 8 point buck must have come that far on his own, but he slipped and fell and failed to stand up again. Jeff Sidle, Josh Davis and Ed Schmalzle are the heroes who could not pass by an animal in need.

According to Davis, they could not see the deer suffer. If they had left him, the deer wouldn’t have a chance.

The ice was thin so they came up with the idea to approach the buck in a boat. The rescuer dragged the poor one to the shore until it could run away.

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Sidle wrote in the Facebook post that “there was over 100 yards distance between the shore and the deer.” He also commented that people usually have a misperception about hunters, thinking that they have no feelings for the environment and wild nature.

The whole rescue operation was caught on camera and shared on Facebook. Thus, their selfless deed earned praises and gratitude from animal lovers.

These incidents are not rare in areas where wild animals live close to the water. 

Educate yourself about the wild nature in your area. If you spot a suffering or injured wild animal, do not rush to the rescue all alone or without special training. It’s better to call the local rescue service, who are trained and skilled enough for dangerous rescue operation. Even reporting the case can be enough to save an animal, so do not be indifferent!

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