Poor Pup Tangled In Fabric Expresses His Heartwarming "Thank You" After A Kind Police Officer Sets Him Free

Date March 14, 2019

Leaving dogs at home alone for a long time is not a good idea. They can get in trouble and there will be no one to help. This dog from Chile, for instance, got tangled in fabric in his backyard. No one really knows how he got trapped.

The neighbours heard him whining and assumed the owners were away, so they called the police to the rescue.

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Poor Pup Tangled In Fabric Expresses His Heartwarming "Thank You" After A Kind Police Officer Sets Him FreeYemets /

The rescue operation was caught on camera, and since it was posted, the video spread quickly around the world. People could not stop praising the police officer for saving the pup.

Giovanni Domke, of the police force Carabineros de Chile, had to jump over the fence and approach the dog that was desperate to get out. He borrowed a knife from the neighbours so that he could cut the fabric. However, the pup was hostile towards the stranger, probably thinking that he would hurt him even more.

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Domke didn’t give up. When he cut the last piece of sheet, the dog gave the most unexpected reaction! He jumped on the man, expressing his gratitude!! That was so heartwarming to watch!

Dogs keep proving us that they have feelings. And while watching this Chilean pup get free again, we can see that happiness overwhelming him.

Take good care of your pet and never leave him on his own for a long period of time. Check if there are any potential dangers. Make sure to secure the space for your beloved pooch. Only then is it possible to avoid such situations! Luckily, Giovanni Domke was there for the poor trapped dog. What a hero!

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