An Abandoned Dog Mistaken For A Werewolf Finally Gets Help. When Would Human Stop Turning A Blind Eye On These Creatures?


November 7, 2018 15:07 By Mambee

The abandonment of animals is fast becoming a social issue that needs to be solved. With a staggering 6.5 million pets being abandoned in shelters every year in the U.S. about 1.5 million have to be euthanized, these figures are deeply saddening, and something needs to be done.

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An Abandoned Dog Mistaken For A Werewolf Finally Gets Help. When Would Human Stop Turning A Blind Eye On These Creatures?

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The prowling 'werewolf'

A big, black animal was often seen wandering around Madera Ranchos, California. His fur was sticking out around its body, and his skin was visibly balding, his tail was shriveled and strange-looking.

He looked dirty, and to some, he seemed menacing enough to be called a werewolf.

It was in March that a woman driving past took a particular interest in the animal. She quickly made a Facebook post asking for help on the animal's behalf.

Immediately, she got a response and Megan Bowe; a local animal rescuer showed up.

The state of the animal moved Bowe, and a cursory inspection yielded that the animal was just a very sick German Shepherd and not the werewolf he was assumed to be.

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The dog was skinny to the point of death, had a broken pelvis, badly damaged tail and scabies.

The 'werewolf' was a depressed dog that needed all the help in the world. Bowe being the founder of Bowe's Adoptable Rescue Pups, named him King and took him to a vet.

The doctor's theory was that King had been hit by a car; hence, the injuries and restriction to the vicinity he had been found in as well as the severe dehydration and starvation as he could not go far to scrounge for food.

After a month and half of medication and nursing, King was fit for surgery. As at May, he was still in recovery and Bowe noted that the 1-year-old was an affable pet that was desperate for love and care.

She remarked that the saddest part of this dog's story is that many other people passed him but never stopped to help until one person did and changed the course of the lovable animal's life. This is not the first of such cases, proving that despite how twisted the world might be, there are still good people around.

Bald and lost in the desert.

One of them is Matt Bentley. He was shocked to find an utterly bare dog all alone in the desert in Utah. The dog was emaciated, and sunburnt to the point that even her paws were red.

It hurt her also to take a walk. After her discovery, she was rushed to a nearby animal hospital where the manager, Lila Oulson was floored by the amount of pain the dog was in as she kept whimpering.

Oulson named the poor animal Kelly.

Oulson promised that once the dog was healthy enough, she will be spayed and given up for adoption. The dogs in this article managed to survive by sheer will and the goodness of strangers.

No one is an island, not even animals. We need each to make the world a better place. You never can tell, your kindness might be what keeps the next creature alive. 

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