Kind Woman Helps Man Who Was Short Of Cash - Only To Later Find Out He's Famous Country Singer Keith Urban

Date August 8, 2018 19:07

Keith Urban encountered a very kind woman who had no clue he was a celebrity when she lent a helping hand.

A lovely encounter

A New Jersey teacher, Ruth Reed became a social media celebrity after she helped country star Keith Urban when he seemed to be short of cash. Ruth was at Medford’s Wawa convenience store last week and thought Keith was a man in need. 

While speaking with CBS 3 in an interview with correspondent Cleve Bryan, Ruth revealed that she even argued with Keith when he revealed who he was.

She said she had no clue that the person she was helping was the singer. She thought he did not have enough money to pay for the items he purchased and Ruth stepped in saying she would pay for it.

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It was such an awesome moment and even though she was the hero in this story, Ruth was grateful to Keith for being so kind and taking a picture with her. 

The cute photo has been used on Keith Urban's concert Facebook group to celebrate the woman's kindness.

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Since the picture and story hit the internet, many people were simply awed by Ruth's story. We bet many fans of the country singer would give anything to be the one that rescued him. But this lovely lady got to do it and people were simply touched.

We completely agree. Ruth deserves all the applause for her awesomeness.

Richard Gere was once on the receiving end of such kindness too

A French tourist was passing by one day when she gave a slice of pizza to a person that seemed to be a homeless man.

42-year-old Karine Gombeau told NY Post that she spotted Gere, who was on the set of a film, sifting through the garbage on the road. She stopped and handed him a slice of pizza even apologising that it was cold.

She revealed that Gere thanked her and accepted the snack. She didn't even realize that the undercover hobo was a famous Hollywood actor until days later. A worker at the hotel where she stayed gave her a copy of The Post in which she saw a picture of herself.

This should serve as a reminder. Always extend kindness. You just never know who you'll end up meeting in the process.

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