People With Down Syndrome Music Video In A Viral Challenge

Date August 3, 2018

Have you heard Ciara’s new song, “Level Up”? It’s so catchy and fun that people all over the world are recreating the video dance and posting it on social media under the hashtag #levelupchallenge. There are already more than 35,000 different versions of the dance, but this one is indeed special.

A Canberra dance group for people with Down syndrome did a fantastic job, and their dance version became the most popular one. More than 2,6 million people have already watched it.

Ciara / Instagram

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Ciara was impressed by the performance, and even uploaded the video to her official Instagram account. The 30-second clip stars members of Xtreme Stars, a troupe of dancers with Down Syndrome. These wonderful group members prove that people with disabilities are talented and can do great things.


Публикация от Ciara (@ciara)

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The Level Up challenge involves uploading your own video mimicking the dance moves from the music video that has the internet in meltdown.

By the way, some celebrities have also participated in the Level Up challenge. Chris Pratt, Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Clarkson are among them.

These young people are so inspiring.

Source: Ciara / Instagram

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