Bobby Darin Finally Found True Love With Wife No. 2, Joy Yeager, But The Marriage Ended After 3 Months

Date February 12, 2019

Bobby Darin loved hard in his lifetime but he had a difficult time staying married. The only other woman he loved apart from Sandra Dee left him just three months into their marriage. Was the rock and roll legend simply unlucky in love?

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Turbulent first marriage

Years after a whirlwind romance and troubled marriage to the former child star Sandra Dee ended in heartbreak he finally fell in love again. Unlike Dee, the singer’s second wife, Andrea Joy Yeager, was no one famous.

According to a memoir on Darin’s life, Yeager was just a regular girl lucky to be seen by the singer and she wanted nothing from him. On his part, Darin was simply happy to finally meet someone who loved him unconditionally and wanted nothing to do with his fame.

Meeting and falling in love with Joy Yeager

Yeager and Bobby’s relationship was reportedly the absolute Cinderella story. He met her while she was working as a receptionist at a law firm in Long Beach and immediately asked her out on a date.

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They were married exactly 3 years after they began to date in 1973 despite his failing health. Three months later their fairy-tale ended abruptly. But this was not because they fell out of love. On the contrary, Yeager’s sister Terry Koening says she adored the singer and could never bring herself to say no to him.

What went wrong?

Terry fondly recalls Bobby’s really sweet relationship with her sister’s children whom he treated like his own despite already sharing a son Dodd with Sandra Dee.

So what went wrong? Yeager is said to have left Bobby Darin because she believes that the singer lost his will to live as he got sicker and tried to sabotage his health himself.

In a rare interview, published in the Darin memoir, she said the singer deliberately refused to take his medication. She began to feel more like his nurse than his wife and chose to walk away in the end.

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