Major Comeback Alert! Jennifer Aniston Returns To TV After A 15-Year-Long Hiatus

Date February 18, 2019 16:42

Do you remember NBC’s Friends?

If you loved the show, then you probably adored Jenifer Aniston’s character who always managed to pull hair with her sweet emotions, warmth, and easy humor.

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While the actress took a break from acting after the show’s success, it would seem that she is not yet done and yearns to grace the television screen again.

In a new A-list move that will definitely have her fans over the moon, Aniston is set to star in a new Apple TV series alongside an equally talented co-star, Reese Witherspoon.

She’s back and she’s taking on more roles

Aniston, who has undoubtedly proven her talent as an actress with a wide range will be returning in more capacities in her new series.

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Together with Witherspoon, her new partner in crime, Aniston will double as an executive producer, making the move a big splash after 15 years of silence.

This will surely be an affair for the talented especially since Witherspoon is still hot from her recent success with Big Little Lies. Her stellar performance on the star-studded show earned her the esteemed Outstanding Limited Series Emmy.

Major Comeback Alert! Jennifer Aniston Returns To TV After A 15-Year-Long Hiatusresse witherspoonGetty Images / Ideal Image

The show, which is based on Brian Stelter’s book Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV, will focus on the challenges and hassles of producing a morning show. While there are no trailers yet for the untitled show, the fact that Apple TV has picked it up for two 10-episode shows is a great sign that it will be a big deal for everyone involved. 

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If this is a strategy to reclaim her top-spot on TV, Aniston is surely one foot ahead and if her past success is anything to go by, she will not disappoint.

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Aniston celebrated a monumental cake day too

Aside from her new show, the Emmy winning star has another reason to smile as her 50th birthday was all the rave when pictures hit the internet. As she marked her great cake day with all her buddies from Hollywood, it was easy to see that she is not just lovable on screen as her friends also made a note to celebrate her.


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Kate Hudson, who appears to be the only one who ‘got permish’ to post pictures from the exclusive ‘No Social Media’ event shared her great love for the seasoned star on Instagram with a sweet caption. She said: 

Celebrated this beauty last night. Happy Bday JA! We all love you sooo!

Gwyneth Paltrow was also not left behind as she showered the birthday girls with well-wishes.

It would seem that Aniston is back, hot, and keen to reinstate her status as one of the greatest female stars of our time. We wish her the best as she prepares for the future.

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