J-Lo’s Spectacular Dress From Her 2015 American Idol Performance Sure Took Our Breaths Away

Date January 8, 2019 16:40

In addition to Jennifer Lopez’s stunning vocals and good acting skills, her body is another thing that has many in awe of her.

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Jenny from the block doesn’t seem to age

'How does she do it?' is one question that may forever be on our minds when it comes to Jennifer. Her toned body never ceases to amaze us, not even when she clocked 49!


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When she turned the near-golden age in July 2018, she flaunted her gorgeous bikini body. Unless you are a fan and follow the news, you wouldn't know that she was blessed with two lovely children, because her wonderfully lean body does not give any evidence of the fact.

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We believe her well-sculpted body is one of the reasons almost anything sits perfectly on her.

Great performance… greater dress?

In 2015, J-Lo pulled off something spectacular on the American Idol stage. As she performed her latest single as at that time, ‘Feel the Light’, we were all reminded why she was a judge on the show.

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Standing alone on the dimly lit stage, wearing an absolutely beautiful off-shoulder white gown with a full skirt neatly encompassing her, she began singing in that sonorous voice of hers that took her from actress to successful pop star.

Even though the song, which was the soundtrack from the animation ‘Home’, was captivating, we have to confess that the dress was what floored us. It was breathtaking.

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The brainchild of Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, the dress with a 20-foot radius skirt came alive on stage. Through projection mapping, special effects and images from the animation were projected onto the dress in a way that made Jennifer blend with the stage.

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The duo explained that it took them two days to come up with the design and that the dress was made of two separate pieces: the top and the giant skirt. Haenn explained:

“We were hoping to be able to make a dress that was stunning on its own but also simple enough to allow the animation and projection to be as functional as possible."

Are we the only ones who love it?

Our answer to that question is: Of course not. We bet you love it, too, but here is a snippet of the excitement the dress generated on YouTube:

“The dress, the singer, the song, so wonderful!”


“That dress is so pretty.”

“That dress is in the ‘gotta have it’ list.” 

We think that Zangardi and Jennifer Lopez did a mighty great job at pulling the outfit off, and it is a dress to remember. It definitely should be in a Hall of Fame or something!

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