Father Of Five! Gordon Ramsay And His Family Announce They Are Expecting A New Baby In The Cutest Way


January 9, 2019 11:51 By Mambee

Famous TV chef Gordon Ramsay and his wife, Tana, are a fan’s favorite couple. They got married in 1996, in their twenties, and their love is still going strong 23 years later.

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They have four beautiful children; Megan, 21, Matilda, 17, and the twins Jack and Holly, 19. This adorable family spend a lot of time together and aren't shy to post their pictures on social media. They love each other very much!


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A wonderful New Year announcement

2019 has granted a new child to be a part of the lovely Ramsay family as the couple announced on Gordon’s official Instagram page, on New Year’s Day, that they were expecting a fifth baby.

They posted a video showing every member of the Ramsey family, Tana is shown last, presenting her baby bump and wearing a bright smile. It was captioned:


Exciting news ! Happy new year from all the Ramsay’s

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”Exciting news! Happy New year from all the Ramsay's." 

The Ramsay’s are especially excited for this news as Tana suffered a miscarriage five months into a pregnancy in 2016 and they all went through a difficult time. 

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According to Daily Mail, Gordon and Tana Ramsay made their first joint appearance since they announced they were expecting a baby at the Brasserie of Light restaurant in London.


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There were in attendance of a celebratory GQ dinner in honor of London Fashion Week Men. Gordon and Tana were both stylishly dressed and posed playfully with Gordon covering Tana’s baby bump, in a mock "Look away, people!" pose.

Mixed reactions

While the news of a baby is always regarded as pleasant, quite some fans have expressed their mixed feelings concerning Tana and Gordon’s decision to have a baby.


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An instance is seen on Twitter, where @PoolieDan86 said in reply to The Sun’s post congratulating the Ramsay family on the baby news:

Thankfully, the Ramsay’s still have a lot of support from fans concerning their new baby. We know this is great news for everyone in the Ramsay family and we offer them our sincere congratulations. We can't wait to see more baby bump pictures!

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