Twitter Users Bash Kim Kardashian For Arriving Late To Chance The Rapper’s Wedding Ceremony And For Her Inappropriate Choice Of Outfit


March 14, 2019 16:03 By Mambee

In life, some rules guide us on how we relate with people, especially in social settings. This code of conduct includes showing up to someone’s wedding ceremony early and dressing appropriately to keep all attention on the couple.

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However, leave it to Kim Kardashian to break these rules.

Kim Kardashian comes late for Chance The Rapper’s wedding

It is no news that music artist Chance The Rapper finally tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Kirsten Corlen at The Resort in Newport Beach, California. However, the highlight of the ceremony wasn’t the couples’ vows or kiss; it was Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s arrival.


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As reported by Daily Mail, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star arrived at the ceremony after the bride had walked down the aisle and was instructed by an usher to watch from the sidelines to avoid disrupting the nuptials.

After a while, they were escorted to their seats, but that was the least of Kim’s bad behavior.

Like her late arrival wasn’t enough damage, Kim took things further by wearing a revealing dress. She was spotted in a turquoise blue silk vintage Versace dress that featured a deep neckline and a high slit that flashed some skin.

The dress clung tightly to her body, revealing her hourglass figure. She paired the outfit with strappy silver heels and arranged her hair in a ponytail.

Twitter users are shocked by Kim’s fashion

Many internet users have largely criticized Kim's outfit, as they believe the least she could do was dress decently and try harder not to arrive late at the wedding.

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After a Twitter user shared a photo of Kim’s outfit on the platform, many went on to voice their opinions about her dress.

Not her first ridiculous outfit

Unfortunately, this isn’t Kim’s first time dressing outrageously. On several occasions, the mother of three has dressed in a way that got the world rolling their eyes.


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One time during her pregnancy with North West, she forced her swollen legs into strap heels and the internet could not stop laughing


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It’s not certain whether Kim was trying to steal the couple's thunder, or if something caused she and Kanye to arrive late. Regardless, nothing justifies coming late and dressing sultry to someone’s wedding. Nevertheless, congratulations to the newlyweds!

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