Hilarious Spoof: Famous Photographer’s Pranks On Prince Wi

Hilarious Spoof: Famous Photographer’s Pranks On Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Parenting Moments Get Us Laughing


March 4, 2019 15:17 By Mambee

If you have ever come across any photo of a well-known celebrity in a compromising position or situation that beggars belief, then it is most likely one of Allison Jackson’s spoofs.

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Breaking the rules

When it comes to being a royal photographer, there are lots of rules to remember so as not to be a nuisance or break protocol.

Some of such rules are that royals are not to be photographed while eating or praying - they deserve their privacy, too, don’t they?

More so, repeatedly taking close-range photos of them is prohibited and photographers are generally expected to take on a very low profile so as not to disrupt public engagements.

However, one photographer does not mind breaking the rules. This is most likely because she does not photograph the real royals.

Seeing the Cambridges in a new light

Allison Jackson is a brilliant photographer who takes comical pictures of famous people from around the world using their lookalikes.

Thus, when she started doing this with members of the British royal family, it stirred a lot of attention.

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She once took a photo shoot of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in an awkward scenario, using their doubles.

Another photo had their doppelgangers taking a bath while a couple of uniformed men looked on.

Many of the pictures showed how the pair would take care of their children, from changing diapers to ‘Prince William’ looking disheveled while babysitting.

However, one picture that genuinely cracked us up was the one in which the fake couple held babies and ‘Prince William’ held ‘Prince George’ whose shirt read ‘the heir’ while ‘Kate’ held the younger son whose shirt read ‘the spare.’

About Allison Jackson

Although Allison Jackson is mostly known as a spoofer, she is an award-winning artist.  

In an interview with Reading Lists, the BAFTA-winning photographer described her work,

“I raise questions about the manufacture and creation of celebrity through media imagery and explore its role in our society.”

She added that she had always had a flair for art, even as a child. To aspiring artists, she remarked they be brave enough to make the kind of art they wish to make and not care what other people have to say.  

Well, she seems to take her advice as she has pushed the lines of propriety through mischief over the years. Although her work is humorous, it is just as audacious.

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