4 Cases That Might Indicate That The Kardashian Kids Might Have A Hard Time When They Become Adults, According To Psychology

Date June 12, 2019

The Kardashians are one of the most famous families out there and fans have seen them start businesses, get married and have kids. But when it comes to parenting, many people have raised concerns about some of the Keeping Up With The Kardashian stars' methods. Could they be right?


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Here are some instances where they received major backlash and what psychology has to say about how it might affect the kids.

1. At the risk of SIDS

Kim Kardashian was slammed after sharing this photo of Psalm West where the little one was asleep, on his back, while wearing a hat and snuggled up in blankets. Commenters raised concerns that all this put the child in danger of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

This type of neglectful attitude towards parenting has been linked to an emotional disconnection between parent and child. In addition, those who are affected may experience difficulties connecting emotionally to others as adults.

2. Body image issues

Kim Kardashian, once again, stirred up controversies when she shared a picture of her daughter North taking topless photos of her. People worried that she may be setting a bad example.


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How could this affect her daughter? One analysis found that a mother's constant focus on her body and weight is the third leading cause of body image problems in adolescents as they believed their mothers would want them to be thin.

3. Too-long nails?

Khloe Kardashian came under fire when her fans slammed her for having long nails. To them, not much parenting duties can be achieved with such perfect manicure. The critics felt that, as a mom to baby True, she must not be very involved if her nails were so perfect all the time.


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While we can't say for sure whether that's the case here, having uninvolved parents can have a negative effect on kids. Children raised this way are likely to have problems with forming attachments later in life.

4. A strong focus on material things

Mom-of-four Kim Kardashian was once accused of spending millions of dollars on her daughter North's wardrobe. This had some people wondering if the mom was only focused on providing material things for her kids.


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If this is the case, then Kim might be delving into dangerous territory. Dr. Phil explained that a parent's relationship with their child shouldn't be solely based on money and other fancy things. He explained that if parents focus on this to the detriment of spending quality time with their kids, those children may grow up believing money solves everything, including emotional problems.


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While this all sounds too dangerous, it's possible that things aren't always as they seem and we can hope that these celebrity parents are actually not setting their kids up for problems in the long run.

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