A Royal Music Lover: The Queen’s Top Ten Songs Revealed


November 16, 2018 12:41 By Mambee

The Queen of England has been known to attend many diplomatic royal events, spending some of that time listening to music and vibing along.

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A Royal Music Lover: The Queen’s Top Ten Songs Revealed


She was recently spotted in Balmoral Castle, the Queen’s Scottish home with an iPod. The image raised the question of what the Queen's favorite songs could be.

In honor of the Queen's 90th birthday last year, a list of the royal's favorite song was released.

A Royal Music Lover: The Queen’s Top Ten Songs RevealedQueen Elizabeth II unveils a plaque on the side of a new Pullman carriage at Dinas Station after travelling there from Caernarfon on April 27, 2010


Most people would have guessed the Queen would only listen to old classical music, like Beethoven, but it looks like the royal has some surprises for us.

The list featured 10 of Queen Elizabeth's favorite songs. Topping the list was Oklahoma, by Howard Keel, with Anything You Can Do, by Dolores Gray and Bill Johnson, coming in on a close second.

A Royal Music Lover: The Queen’s Top Ten Songs Revealedqueen elizabeth


In the third position is ‘Sing’ by Gary Barlow featuring the military wives.

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The list also featured religious songs such as ‘Praise My Soul The King of Heaven’ and ‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’ coming in the 7th and 8th positions, respectively.

A Royal Music Lover: The Queen’s Top Ten Songs Revealedprince philip


The list included classics such as Leaning On A Lamppost, by George Formby, and Cheek to Cheek, by Fred Astaire.

The Queen has been known to be a good dancer, and she showed her moves at a banquet when DJ Chris Adams played Abba's Dancing Queen.

The Queen did justice to the name of the song and admitted she liked it because she was a queen and loved dancing.

The Queen's relatives have revealed that the royal loves music. Her cousin, Lady Elizabeth Anson revealed Queen Elizabeth is a fantastic dancer and has some rhythm in her.

We sure agree with her and love the combination of music the Queen spends her time relaxing with.

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