Susan Boyle Gets On "America's Got Talent" Stage And Wows The Crowd With Mind-Blowing Performance

Date January 9, 2019

A special edition of the world acclaimed TV show America's Got Talent premiered on Monday, and it's has been nothing less than exciting. The spin-off tagged ‘Champions’ has many of the biggest stars to ever feature in the contest, both locally and overseas.

That said, it was an exceptional night showing some of the best talents in the world. However, former runner up in the Britain edition, Susan Boyle, was the highlight of the night, and she left with most of the glory.


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Susan became famous when she got on Britain's Got Talent (BGT) in 2009. In a prerecorded video, which was for the spin-off show premiere, she disclosed that she wasn't a big shot then.

So, when she first climbed on the big stage a decade ago, she was laughed at. However, things turned around fast when she began singing and by the time she was done, the crowd, which had mocked her earlier, gave her a standing ovation. She would later end up finishing second place, just a step from the crown.


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Susan didn't win, but her exceptional singing skills were undeniable, and this took her to the top almost immediately. She subsequently released her first single and album, selling millions of copies worldwide. Now, she's back, competing on the big stage once again, and there is no doubt that she made an excellent impression.

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Susan was welcomed warmly as she approached the podium. Super judge Simon, a big fan of hers, disclosed that he was beyond thrilled to see her again, and it brought back a lot of memories.

And so, she began. Putting her intriguing voice on display, she gave a fantastic rendition of The Rolling Stones' classic ‘Wild Horses’ in a ballad-styled version. The few minutes that she performed were euphoric and, when she was done, the audience revealed how pleased they were with thunderous applause.

The judges also had some very encouraging words for her with Simon telling her:

“You're the one.”

Fellow judge Mel B, who also seemed to have been highly impressed, stated that she wanted to be the one to help her get what she deserved, and then hit the Golden Buzzer, thus sending Susan directly to the finals in grand style.

It was apparent that she was shocked with the turn out of events, and smiled as she was showered in gold confetti. In the prerecorded video, she disclosed that coming back to the show meant a lot to her.

She mentioned that she was a sign of hope to those who didn't have the confidence to do what they wanted, and was here to make a statement. And that she did!


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To many people, 2009 feels like a lifetime ago. Susan's courage to pick herself up from the disappointment of not winning, and still go on to make something excellent out of herself is genuinely inspiring. Ten years later, she continues to wow and, admittedly, she deserved that Golden Buzzer.

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