Iconic Singer Sir Tom Jones Stuns Audience With Surprise Performance With Contestant On The Voice UK

Date February 21, 2019

For lovers of classical music, Tom Jones is a name that is almost impossible to forget.

The iconic Welsh musician is has contributed to the entertainment industry for more than six decades, with several hit singles, albums and prominent awards to his name.

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After a stint behind the microphone, he now coaches at one of the most famous entertainment programs in the world, The Voice UK, and has become a favorite face on the talent show.

Recently, he decided to remind the world of his magic with an unexpected performance with one of the contestants and, to say the least, it was terrific.


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The surprise show began when Bethzienna Williams, who is a singer and actress, caught Tom's attention.

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He had started a conversation asking about her knowledge of the song ‘Cry to me’, by Solomon Burke, and Bethzienna replied positively, saying she discovered the song in her favorite film, ‘Dirty Dancing.’


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Tom showed strong enthusiasm for her response and reminisced on how he sang the hit in the summer.

It was on hearing of his interest in the song that his co-judges, as well as the audience and Bethzienna, encouraged him to give it a try.

And so it began one of the most exhilarating moments on the show. He had a splendid start to the song, and his unique baritone voice echoed across the hall.

Bethzienna herself was equally impressive. One would expect the impromptu performance to startle her, but she handled it perfectly and delivered one of the most beautiful moments on The Voice UK.

It didn't take long for the audience and the rest of the judges to get on their feet and dance.


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By the time they were done, their fantastic rendition was approved with a loud ovation from the audience. It was a delightful experience.

Tom Jones, now a ‘Sir’ after being knighted by the Queen, remains an important contributor to the music industry and the entertainment sector as a whole. We are glad to know he's still got that fire in him!

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