Prince William Flies Air Ambulance To Hospital And Receives Special Birthday Message On Behalf Of His Wife


January 11, 2019 14:08 By Mambee

The Duchess of Cambridge turned 37 on the 9th of January. Unfortunately, royal duties prevented her from spending the whole day with her husband. Prince William had to take a trip to the Royal London Hospital, where he received some best wishes from a fan on Kate's behalf, that day. 

Prince William Flies Air Ambulance To Hospital And Receives Special Birthday Message On Behalf Of His Wifegettyimages

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The Duke of Cambridge actually flew a helicopter to the hospital in celebration of the 30th anniversary of London's Air Ambulance. Some pictures and videos of the feat were shared on the Kensington Palace social media.

The Prince, who is a former pilot with the air ambulance service in East Anglia, landed his aircraft on a helipad at the hospital. The top pilot, Neil Jeffers, told BBC that he was pretty impressed with the royal's aviation skills.

Jeffers said that, even though this was not the Prince's first time of flying the helicopter, he was really happy to do it.

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During his visit, the Duke got to meet a lovely six-year-old girl named Alma Shahar who had a special message she wanted to send to Kate Middleton. Alma gave the Duke a birthday card to pass on to his wife and Prince William reportedly responded to her saying:

I did remember this morning - so I was OK.

The card that Alma gave the royal contained the message:

Kate, I hope you've had the best birthday you could ever imagine.

On Wednesday, the Kensington Palace also shared a picture of Kate Middleton and thanked fans for all their birthday wishes for the Duchess. We'd like to imagine she spent a fun day hanging out with her three beautiful children.

Here's hoping Kate had an enjoyable birthday. Based on the messages she received from fans all over the world, it's pretty clear that the mother-of-three is very much loved. 

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