Meghan Markle 'Can't Wait To Be A Mother,' Close Friend Reveals

Date June 25, 2018

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding, the most expected event of the year, took place in Windsor on the 19th of May.


But should we expect a royal pregnancy announcement soon after? Well according to one of the bride's close friend, we probably should.

During a Sky documentary titled 'Harry and Meghan: A Love Story,' one of Meghan Markle's close friends, Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, revealed that the former Suits actress just can't wait to be a mom. 

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Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne / Instagram

Gina, who also happens to be a former agent to The Duchess of Sussex, said that Meghan confided in her about her desire to be a parent someday soon.


The talent manager, while talking about how Meghan shared her hopes and desires with her, said:

I said to her: 'Meghan, what about kids? Would you like to have children?' She said to me, ‘I would absolutely love to have children, and I can’t wait to be a mother.'


This is certainly good news, as Prince Harry has expressed the same desire. During their engagement interview with BBC news, the groom-to-be said he would very much like to start a family soon.

I think eventually, one step at a time and we'll start a family in the near future.

Gina also shared some more titbits of information about Meghan and Harry's relationship. According to her, Meghan, in an excited whisper, once revealed to her during lunch that she had a date with Prince Harry.

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Gina described her friend as being very "excited" about it and shared that she was over the moon as she told her former agent the good news.

This is not the first time Meghan Markle has expressed her desire to start a family. During an interview with Lifestyle magazine in 2016, she said having kids was her dream.


She went on to explain that she had a satisfactory professional life and was fortunate to have been able to travel and "see so many amazing things." 

It will also be nice to be anchored to something grounded and in the same place.


She went on to say that raising a family would provide her with that. Despite her obviously strong desire to have kids, Meghan has always insisted on waiting until the time is right.

She was married to Trevor Engelson for two years, but they did not have kids together.

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Source: Independent