All The Times Prince George And Princess Charlotte Totally Stole The Show At The 2018 Trooping The Colour Ceremony

Date June 12, 2018 10:20

On Saturday, June 9th, members of the royal family gathered at the Buckingham Palace balcony to celebrate the 2018 edition of Trooping The Colours. 


Of the many special moments that took place, we cannot help but be totally smitten with the kiddos' personalities. 


Prince George, Princess Charlotte and their cousins had us giggling with all their shenanigans. The kids certainly had a lot of fun with their family.

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Check out this moment that they looked up excitedly as the sounds of planes caught their attention. 


Perhaps Prince George was making a lot of noise?

She must have been really determined to keep George from speaking.


Aaw... Princess Charlotte tripped and fell. Cousin Savannah tried to console her.

Then momma stepped in and all was right again.

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Prince George sure looked thoughtful.

Charlotte is back in the game!

Aah... childhood perfection.

The kids' infectious grins and overall joy at the whole event had us smiling all through. We honestly cannot wait to see what next year brings.

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