Jenna Bush Hager And Barbara Bush Talk About Special Bond Th

Jenna Bush Hager And Barbara Bush Talk About Special Bond They Had With Late Grandpa George H.W. Bush


December 7, 2018 17:24 By Mambee

When the whole nation shed a tear saying the last goodbye to the 41st President of the USA, George H.W. Bush, his granddaughters Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush, seem to be the most heartbroken.

Even though they expected their grandfather to pass away any time, the news of his death was devastating, and they couldn't hold back a tear when speaking about him.

Jenna shared a touching tribute to the "giant of a man" in her Instagram, crediting grandpa for teaching her the most important family values. 

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Jenna and Barbara talked to TODAY and revealed how precious were the relationships they all shared.

The twin sisters said their granddad made them feel very special and created the best memories of their happy childhood. He touched their lives in such an incredible way!

Jenna said:

I was looking through old pictures, and it amazes me that even though he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, we really never thought of him as anything besides our grandpa.

According to the sisters, losing the love of his life was too hard to George H.W. Bush, and he could not wait to reunite with his wife Barbara, who had passed in April 2018.

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Jenna was with her daughters, Mila and Poppy, when she heard the news. She told them she could not believe he had to pass just before Christmas, but her little girls didn’t see anything strange about it:

Mila said, ‘Well, of course, it's happening right before Christmas. Gampy had to get to Gammy so they could decorate their Christmas tree.’ And I thought, You know, from the mouth of babes, because they had never spent a Christmas apart in their whole 73 years, 74 years.

George H.W. Bush’s last summer was filled with special family moments. Barbara had to arrange her wedding earlier just to have her grandpa around. She recalls the words he said when he saw the bride in a beautiful dress:

One of the last things he said to me was that I've never looked so beautiful!

The twins had tears in their eyes while remembering the late granddad, but those were tears of joy! Their biggest treasure are the memories with that great man, and the unconditional love he gave them!

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