Eva Longoria Pleads For An End To Separating Immigrant Families At Border As She Holds Her Own Newborn Son In Her Arms

Date July 3, 2018

Eva Longoria speaks out to support the immigrant families who get separated from their children. The Trump’s new policy keeps feeding several reports on children being taken away from their parents at detention centers.


Audio recordings of crying children, who are traumatized by the experience, created a “psychosis”, as Pope Francis described.


She posted a touching picture of herself holding a newborn, and used the opportunity to share both her joy and the concern that now stirs her feelings. “In light of my son’s birth, I wanted to bring focus on the families that have been separated at the border.”

In her Instagram post, she gets emotional saying:

Having my son next to me, I cannot imagine him being taken from my arms. Families belong together which is why we must do what we can to reunite them.


#REPOST Thank you @traceeellisross #keepfamiliestogether

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Longoria and her husband, Jose Baston, welcomed their first child, Santiago Enrique Bastón, on June 19.


Her social media accounts have become an active platform in the fight for reuniting the Latin American families. According to Times, the American president has already signed the executive order to keep immigrant families together at the Department of Homeland Security facilities.


The cases when adults pose a threat to a child would make an exception.

Eva Longoria is not the only celebrity who has joined the protests.


Chrissy Teigen, Anne Hathaway, Sophia Bush, Jimmy Kimmel, Alisa Milano, Reese Witherspoon, Ellen DeGeneres are only a few among those expressing their opinions eloquently against Trump’s controversial policy.

Source: evalongoria / Instagram

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