Charlize Theron Gained 50 Pounds For Her New Movie "Tully" And Was Startled By The Consequ


Charlize Theron Gained 50 Pounds For Her New Movie "Tully" And Was Startled By The Consequences

Date April 20, 2018 15:17

A good actor is ready for anything to get into character. But maybe harming your own health is too much? Gaining and losing weight all the time is typical for the Hollywood stars, as they sacrifice anything for the acting career.



Charlize Theron is one of them. She has been known for her slender and fit figure, but when she had to gain extra kilos for her new role in Tully, she agreed. However, she was surprised with the results.

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The actress played the mother tired of kids and life. She told the Entertainment Tonight, she had to put on her shoes and explore what it felt like.



At first gaining weight was not that hard. Theron confessed it was even fun not to care about the food and pack herself with whatever she wanted.



Two milkshakes in the morning – why not? The woman had food with high-caloric meals, which included plenty of sugar and the processed food, and just because her usual eating pattern was nothing like that, her body began to protest.



Charlize had to keep the weight up, so it urged her to wake up in the middle of the night and have the cold macaroni and cheese waiting for her at her bed. It was not fun anymore.



She revealed that her health started to deteriorate and she was crushed with depression.



Apparently, the body gave the signals to stop the harmful experiments! The actress had to maintain her extra weight for a year and a half and it turned out to be a very challenging time.



Charlize was deeply concerned about her mental state.

On Monster, I just didn’t snack for five days and I was fine. You know your body at 27 is a little different than your body at 43, and my doctor made sure to make me very aware of that. Like, you are 42, calm down, you’re not dying, all good.




In 2003 Theron had to sacrifice her fit figure for the movie Monster, so she grew stout! However, her body did not respond the way it did now. The mental and physical health are interconnected, so it’s no surprise the actress suffered from depression because of her excessive weight.  

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It is easy to gain that pounds, but harder to shed them. However, seems like the actress returned to her usual weight already. Let's hope that she managed to restore the inner balance and happy state of mind as well!

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