The Biggest Fails Of The Iconic Royal Weddings: From Saying The Wrong Name At The Altar To


The Biggest Fails Of The Iconic Royal Weddings: From Saying The Wrong Name At The Altar To The Horses' Madness

Date May 25, 2018 16:34

Royal weddings seem to be the perfect fairy-tale. From the floral arrangements and horse carriages to the wedding garments and the timing – everything is flawless. However, the Royals are also humans, and they can make mistakes just like everybody else.



What is happening behind the curtains always remains a secret, however, some of them are revealed. Here are the most iconic royal weddings’ fails you might not know about.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip

The most influential couple in the UK, Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth, wedded in 1947, on November 20. The fringe tiara the bride wore was originally made for Queen Mary in 1919 and taken from the royal collection for the occasion.

But on the wedding day, as Queen Elizabeth’s hairdresser was adjusting it to Queen’s head, the tiara was broken. They had to hurry and rush to the royal jeweler to have it fixed, with a police escort all along. Luckily, they made it just on time.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer

Something went wrong with the couple’s wedding vows on July 29, in 1981. Diana Spencer looked nervous and tired in front of the priest, and maybe accidentally confused the name of her royal groom. Instead of saying, “I take Charles Phillip Arthur George”, she agreed to take “Phillip Charles Arthur George” to her wedded husband.

It is believed that the tiara she was wearing was giving her a terrible headache.

Prince Charles failed to say his wedding vows properly too, he promised to give Diana “thy goods” instead of the “worldly goods”. Moreover, one of their cute bridesmaids stumbled on her dress and started crying, that made Princess Diana rush to comfort the 5-year-old.


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Diana’s dress was made of a type of fabric that crumpled easily. So, after the bride’s trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral, her pompous dress was all wrinkled.  


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Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William looked happy and fresh on the day he tied the knot to his beloved Kate Middleton, on April 29, 2011. However, he revealed later that because of the cheering crowds outside and, of course, nerves, he had a sleepless night. The Prince slept for not more than half an hour the night before the big event.



The horse, who ran away from the wedding procession, might have had the same problem! The royal fans captured the animal racing along the street in the video.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Another horse marked the occasion of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. On their wedding day on May 19, one of the horses could not hold the excitement from the participation in the procession.

At the same ceremony, Meghan Markle did not curtsy to the Queen when she entered the main hall of the Chapel.

Did those fails make the royal marriages less popular? On the contrary, these are more proof that royals are just like us, and not everything will go smoothly even on such an important day. We still admire them and consider those small imperfections the tidbits of the iconic wedding ceremonies.

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Source: Mail Online