Proud Grandpa! Garth Brooks Gushes Over His Daughter August For Blessing Him With A Grandchild

Date February 11, 2019

Parents' worries are justified when their children decide to be young parents themselves. Garth Brooks might have had his doubts about his daughter becoming pregnant at 19, but now, he couldn't be more grateful for the happiness it has brought to their family. 

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The famed songster had tied the knot with his college sweetheart Sandy Mahl in 1986. The couple later had three beautiful daughters. Taylor Mayne was born in 1992, August Anna – in 1994, and Allie Colleen – in 1996. Unfortunately, Sandy and Garth split after 14 years of marriage. Trisha Yearwood became the stepmom to Garth’s children after they exchanged vows in 2005. 

Gushes over his daughter for making him a grandpa

Garth's middle child August became pregnant from her partner of 2 years, Chance Michael Russell. Prior to becoming a mother to a baby girl, whom she named Karalynn, she worked at a law firm in Owasso, Oklahoma. The feeling of having his first grandchild had surely overwhelmed Brooks. Years later, he admits he wouldn't have had it any other way.

Expressing how proud he is, Garth spoke to Country Fan Cast. He explained that Karalynn has made their family bond stronger than ever. The grandpa even admired August and remarked she was destined to be a great mom. He gushed over her adorable granddaughter, saying:

She’s the little stem that kind of holds the whole family together, and it’s kind of new for us. She’s a doll.


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A father who cares 

After the divorce, his ex-wife had taken their children to Owasso. Although Garth's career was centered around the music industry in Nashville, he decided to follow there. He promised his second wife, Trisha Yearwood, they will move back as soon as his youngest one graduates from high school. The doting father remained retired from his stage life until making his 2016 comeback at the Yankee Stadium.


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It's hard for celebrities to keep up with their family life, but not for Garth: He is going above and beyond to make his children feel all his love. Share this and blow a kiss to his angelic granddaughter, Karalynn.

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