She Made An Impact: Facts About 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Star Beth Chapman

Date July 12, 2019 01:49

People knew Beth as Duane Chapman's beautiful and tough wife, but there were also other amazing things about the woman herself.

On June 26, 2019, Duane confirmed the passing of his beloved wife. Condolence messages poured out from thousands of fans all over the world. Just because she's gone does not mean she's forgotten.

The impressive things she did and some aspects of who she was will always be remembered.

6 facts about Beth Chapman

1. She was a great-grandmother

At 51 years old, Beth was already a great-grandmother. Her 23-year-old grandchild had a baby. Despite being in a battle against cancer, Beth still found time to enjoy her great-grandchild.

2. Her first name was 'Alice'

She was known as tough bounty hunter Beth Chapman but her given name was Alice Elizabeth Smith. Considering the tough nature of her job and TV show, we can see why she might want to go for a tougher-sounding name and Beth did the trick.

3. Beth married Duane a day after his daughter passed away

Some might think tying the knot after losing a child is not in good taste. Despite the tragic death of Duane's daughter, Barbara-Katie, the wedding still went on as planned. The couple dedicated the reception to her memory.

4. She made history

At age 29, Beth became the youngest woman in Colorado to become a licensed bail bondsman.

5. She followed that career path for love

Beth and Duane didn't meet as fellow bounty hunters. They met when she had some trouble with the law. She told A&E that, because she had fallen for him, she decided to find a way to spend some time with him and becoming a bail bondsman was her solution.

6. She fought for her life

Beth was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017. Despite her struggle, she remained positive and found comfort in the love of her family and husband.

It's a difficult time Beth Chapman's beloved ones. Based on her story, it can be concluded that she was a strong, fierce, and determined woman who will surely be missed.

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