John Travolta Posts Cute Video Starring Himself And His Son, Showing Off New Hair-do That Gets The Fans Roaring With Joy

Date January 11, 2019

From Saturday Night Fever to Grease and Pulp Fiction, John Travolta is one Hollywood actor that has enjoyed his days in the sun.

Although his acting career has taken a backseat, he remains highly respected and loved by fans.

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That is why he took to Instagram to celebrate a milestone. Despite it being seemingly mundane to some, Travolta considered it important enough to thank his fans for helping him hit over one million followers on Instagram.

The caption read,

“To my 1 million followers, thank you so much for your support!! Love you all!”  

In the video, Travolta narrates how he and his little son, Ben, were out for a dirt-biking adventure and got the notification of the good news from Instagram.


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Ben was silent throughout the video, but we can’t help noticing how sweet and completely innocent he looks as his father speaks.

At the tail-end, he mimics his father’s thumbs up and gets our hearts soaring.

Right before wrapping the short video up, Travolta removes his baseball hat and says,

“Thanks for liking the new hair-do.”

Although we know it is not a new hair-do per se, fans have been commenting on his clean-shaven head since he debuted the look.

If you recall the 70s and 80s, he used to have an admirable mass of hair. However, in 2015, he was photographed with a visibly receding hairline.


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He posted a picture of himself and his daughter, Ella, welcoming everyone to the New Year and sporting his new bald look.


I hope everyone had a great New Year!

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Fans were thrilled and one of them noted:

“It’s not easy accepting little or no hair…but it can be liberating.”

Away from his hair battles, Travolta has been pretty open about his loved ones.

The actor has not been silent about the loss of his 16-year-old son in 2009, who passed away while having a seizure in the bathtub.However, fate gifted him another child when his wife got pregnant while aged 47 in 2010.

The 64-year-old is married to Kelly Preston, and though critically acclaimed movies have marked his career, he has never won an Academy Award.


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In spite of having dropped out of high-school, the devout Scientologist has achieved success and has a net worth of about $170 million, mansions and a fleet of planes, including a Boeing 707.

Travolta is a man with an absorbing life, and we wish him more milestones.

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