Cher Looks Amazing At 72, And The Secret Is A Combination of A Healthy Diet And Exercise

Date October 30, 2018

Despite how important it is to eat healthily and exercise as regularly as possible, how many people can indeed find the time to do it? 

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Cher Looks Amazing At 72, And The Secret Is A Combination of A Healthy Diet And Exercise


An average person's daily routine usually involves waking up early and hurry to a 9-5 job, which keeps them occupied till late in the day.

At the end a worday, fatigue and accumulated stress make selecting a healthy meal or getting some exercise the last thing on our minds.


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However, while your body is yours to do with it as you please, keeping fit by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising is very important.

Aside from the benefits to one's health, there are others, which include an almost perpetually youthful look.


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Take a look at Cher, for example. The singer is 72, yet she is unbelievably fit for her age. Her secret? Healthy eating.


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When the music icon claimed that she could plank for as long as 5 minutes, many were shocked. Luckily, for those of us who would like to be able to be similarly healthy at that age, she revealed her fitness secrets to Hello Magazine.

According to Cher, her diet is majorly vegetarian. The 72-year-old revealed that she doesn't like meat and, for this reason, she eats mostly things that are healthy for the body.  

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Furthermore, Cher revealed that while she smoked for a while, she has never done drugs and alcohol is something she seldom indulges in, as well. 


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Talking about food proper, she let on that she has long since learned what type of food works for her, and the kind that doesn't. Dairy products, she mentioned, are bad for the body and, as such, whenever she takes milk at all, it's often nonfat milk, as opposed whole milk.

She made it no secret that, when on movie sets, she was known to binge a lot. She mentioned how, after Witches of Eastwick, she along with Sarah Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer, binged on Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Cheese Goldfish, M&Ms, and a few other snacks.


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This went on till they discovered that sweet potatoes could be microwaved in about 4 minutes.


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Currently, her diet consists of brown (as opposed to white) rice, legumes, lentils, Lima beans, kidney beans, a variety of other vegetables, fruit and pasta as well.

When asked about physical activities, she explained that she exercises about five times weekly, stating that it is something she has always enjoyed.

Now, here’s one female icon for fitness!   

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