New Bride Miley Cyrus Gives Fans Their First Peek At Her Bea

New Bride Miley Cyrus Gives Fans Their First Peek At Her Beautiful Wedding Dress


December 27, 2018 17:46 By Mambee

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are two names that need no introduction in the entertainment industry. The popstar Miley Cyrus, who is known for wowing her fans, has surprised us yet again.

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Over the weekend, rumors of a secret wedding between her and longtime fianceé surfaced, and Miley confirmed its veracity on her Instagram with photos of herself and her husband, Liam Hemsworth, that gave fans a peek of her wedding dress.

The black and white photos showed her and Liam kissing and holding each other with a caption that read ‘10 years later.’


10 years later .....

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It is no news that the two TV stars met about ten years ago on the set of ‘The Last Song.’ They dated on and off, and got engaged in March 2016.

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Although Miley is known worldwide for her extreme fashion sense, whenever she was caught on the red carpet with her then boyfriend, she seemed to have opted for elegant and classy styles. It would seem that it is a result of the 'Liam effect' on Miley.


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Liam again donned his effect on the singer as her wedding dress followed the same tone of elegance and class. The white gown featured an off-the-shoulder with a cow neckline that gracefully ended in a small train.

She finished off the look by having her hair in loose curls and her face in simple makeup.



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She looked like a bride out of a fairytale next to Liam, who wore a sleek tux and sneakers. They looked so beautiful together!

Miley confirmed her classy gown was designed by Vivienne Westwood, a designer who has dressed the star before. A huge kudos to Vivienne for bringing out such a chic, romantic look for Miley.  


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We are so happy for Miley and Liam and wish them a fulfilled married life together!

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