Michael Buble Gives An Accurate Rendition Of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean Leaving The Crowd Wild

Date December 4, 2018 19:04

For the latter part of the 20th century, one man ruled the world of music, and it was none other than the Legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

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From the perfect vocals to astonishing dance moves and music videos, he was always one to look out for.

That is why he remains a favorite despite having passed away about a decade ago.

There is no doubt that Michael Jackson influenced many kids growing up, and entertainer Michael Buble was one of them. Buble is a singer, songwriter and record producer.


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He is a four-time Grammy award winner, who has always adored the popstar. So, when he was put on a stage in Melbourne Australia, he didn't hesitate to show the world how much of a fan he is.

While on the stage, Buble told the audience about his life growing up. He implied that many people thought he was going to become an actor but instead he was obsessed with the pop legend.

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During Michael's perfomance, he made funny statements about how he used to dress up in leather jackets, tight pants, and socks. Fully enjoying the moment, he decided to perform a rendition that turned out to be amazing. 

As the music played in the background, Michael Buble was seen making jumps and turns. Singing along to MJ's Billie Jean, from his 1982 album Thriller.

His moves were so slick and perfect that you'd think the King of Pop had come back to give the people of Melbourne a great time.

He even went ahead to cop a hat from one of his background performers, managing to steal an Jackson's pose with it. It was an amazing one.

Michael Buble ended his performance with one of the icon's signature moves whereby he turned and threw the hat to the crowd.


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They went bezerk here, showering him with applauds. He complimented the performance with a rendition of Twist and Shout, where he got the audience on their feet, feeding on the energy remaining from the Michael Jackson impersonation.

Being one of Jackson's biggest fan, it is not surprising that Bublé can do all these things and is quite proficitent at them. The King of Pop certainly lives on!

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