Meghan Markle’s Change In Style: The Duchess Makes A Smart Act To Pay Respect For The Queen

Date October 3, 2018 14:26

When one is full of admiration and respect for another, to what extent can such a person go to please the one they respect?  Well, the Duchess of Sussex has sure gone a long way to please her husband’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

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Meghan Markle has developed a liking for neutral colors since her wedding to Prince Harry, and there is a hidden reason behind it.


Her new style is a huge adjustment from her former life, as she was known for her flirty and fun patterns. At Meghan's first appearance with the Queen of England, she wore a pale pink dress while the Queen wore a bright lime green coat.

This placed her in sharp contrast to the Queen. What more could have steered up this change if not for her respect for her grandmother-in-law?


Stylist, fashion expert, and commentator Lucas Armitage xplained that the style move is a bid to make sure that she always complements the Queen.

Megan's new styling tactic which can be best described as clever. The new royal is likely to often work with the Queen, who is known for always appearing in bright hues.

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Her use of neutral shades is a show of respect to Queen Elizabeth in order to avoid outshining her. Meghan has shifted her own personal fashion to adopt a more modest regal look, and maybe the Queen appreciates it.


The Queen must always appear regal, therefore, Queen Elizabeth wears bold outfits to stand out in the crowd. According to a BBC interview with Grant Harrold, a royal etiquette expert, the Queen wears bright colors to distinguish herself from commoners.

Angela Kelley, the Queen’s longtime personal assistant, is credited as the person who suggested that the monarch wears such tones. Meghan, for her part, respects this and is willing enough to match it with a change in style to suit the Queen. Such great respect!


The 36-year-old former actress looks differently, but still great in neutral and simple dresses.

We do hope she finds grace in the eyes of the Queen for all her fashion sacrifice.

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