"He's Become More Aloof": Royal Photographer Claims Prince Harry Changed Tremendously After Getting Married To Meghan Markle


October 3, 2018 14:26 By Mambee

Once in a while, we all like to let our hair down and set aside rules that restrict us from being ourselves. It is not news that the British royal family is known for being stodgy as a result of their dedication to strict etiquette and tradition.


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But, in the past, every royal had their moment when they let their personalities loose like the rest of us.

Prince Harry, the youngest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, has had an iridescent history, to say the least. He once went through a rebellious phase that was laden with public relations nightmares for the royals and, even after that, he was still known as the most playful and lively member of the royal family.


Arthur Edwards has been photographing the royal family for over 40 years, so he has seen Harry's behaviour transform over time. Here are some of the things he said about how the Duke of Sussex has massively changed since meeting the love of his life.


When asked about how marriage changed Harry, he said:

'I can see a massive change. He's become more aloof. He always had a great relationship with the media. He would always engage in some way... [but] that's all completely stopped now. He's matured into a senior statesman of the royal family now. Maybe he sees the time for jostling with Usain Bolt or hugging the Jamaican Prime Minister... That's maybe it's time to stop that now.'

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He was also asked about how Harry is as a husband to which he replied,

'Now he's married he's very very protective of Meghan. I think he's changed a bit. But he's still Harry and he's still lovely.'


The photographer also added that, in his history of covering romantic relationships in the palace, he has never seen one like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's. He described the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as tactile, saying they never stop holding hands whenever they were together. Even Christmas Sunday morning were no exemption to the hand holding rule. How sweet!

Being protective of Meghan is not the only duty Harry performs as a husband. Arhtur remarked that Harry dotingly assists Meghan in carrying out her royal duties. He revealed that Prince Harry did his best to make sure Meghan is informed of all things, at all times.


When asked his thoughts about Harry and Meghan starting a family he said,

'I would be pretty sure that both him and Meghan are planning to have a family pretty quickly. It won't be too long before that happens.'


Love is the strongest force of all, and Prince Harry's life has attested to that truth. We cannot wait to see a mini Harry or a mini Meghan running around the palace. Can you?

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