Bestselling Author Stephen King And His Wife Have An Amazing Story Of Love And Support That Has Spanned Almost 50 Years

Date February 22, 2019

The name Stephen King rings a bell for avid readers. The 71-year-old author who has been dubbed the “King of Horror” has wowed the world with his storytelling in several books.

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However, what many do not know is that his wife, Tabitha, is the unsung hero behind his successful career.

The couple met in the 1960s at the University of Maine and fell in love while reading each other's poetry write-ups.

They married shortly after their graduation, and King had to borrow a suit, a tie and a pair of shoes for the wedding.

The duo shared a dream of making it as writers, but after a year together, it wasn't looking like the dream was any closer to coming true.

To scrape by, King worked at an industrial laundry as a janitor and a gas pump attendant while his ever-supportive wife was a teacher at a school. She also worked part-time at Dunkin' Doughnuts.

One day, the head of Hampden’s English department offered King a job he couldn’t refuse as a new faculty advisor with a perk of an extra $300 yearly.

King couldn't wait to take the job, but his wife stopped him because the position would not allow him time to write!

Tabitha's decision could not have been wiser as within a year of him turning down the job, Stephen King wrote his way to stardom with his bestseller, called 'Carrie.’

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However, it couldn't have happened without Tabitha. Stephen had started writing 'Carrie' but discarded it after three pages as he thought it was no good but his wife saved the pieces of paper and encouraged him to complete it.

Tabby just knew he had something there.

The book went on to eventually sell over 1 million copies and was adapted to the big screen.

On the dedication page of every copy of the book are the words

“This is for Tabby, who got me into it—and then bailed me out of it.”

One of the inside jokes in the King family, which is always a rib cracker at dinner, is that Stephen married Tabby only for her typewriter.

In reply to this, Stephen said:

“That’s only partly true. I married her because I loved her and because we got on as well out of bed as in it. The typewriter was a factor, though.”

Stephen King owes his writing career to the love of his life, Tabby, and he never fails to let her and the world know. What a beautiful relationship!

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