Miley Cyrus Fantastic Wedding Dance To Hit Song 'Uptown Funk' Sets The Internet On Fire

Date December 28, 2018 16:14

When Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus first appeared on the screen in 2009, it was obvious the chemistry between them went beyond the camera fronts. This was in Nicholas Sparks' The Last Song movie adaptation, where the couple played the role of lovers.

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It was later disclosed that it was the first time actors met each other. Ten years later, the couple answered millions of fans calls and finally tied the knot. One of the most exhilarating moments of their wedding was the bride's dance, which has rocked the internet since its upload.

Miley uploaded the video on December 27, a few days after their secret wedding, which took place at their home in Franklin Tennessee, on December 23. In the video, Miley was dancing to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' 2014 hit song 'Uptown Funk.'

The video, which lasted only 15 seconds, showed her still wearing her Vivienne Westwood wedding dress as she made twists and turns to the song, flipping her hair as it played in the background.

Liam, who was recording her, paused to appear in the shot, making a funny face before the video ended.


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Evidence, namely the couple still being in the wedding outfits and the decorations, point to the fact that the video was likely taken on their wedding night.

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The couple's fans seemed to go bezerk on sight of the video. Since its upload, it has garnered over 10 million views, 112k retweets and 688k likes. And let us not forget the myriad of amazing compliments that followed from good wishers.


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A fan, Milenka, commented:

Another impressed fan, Erica Williams, wrote:

Miley also tagged song owner, Mark Ronson, below the video. He made a video on his own Instagram page to congratulate the couple. It was accompanied by a caption that read:

"Special here comes the bride Cyrus/Hemsworth remix for 2019. Congratulations you two xo."


special here comes the bride cyrus/hemsworth remix for 2019. congratulations u two xo

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The wild love from fans, as well as colleagues, is not much surprising, considering that they both have been TV favorites right from their young days. And they do look perfect together! 

We look forward to seeing more of them. Congratulations to Miley and Liam!

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