Kim Kardashian Comes Under Heavy Criticism For Daughter's Choice Of Lipstick, But The Story Turns Out To Be Quite Different

Date January 9, 2019

If there's a family that knows how to make the internet go berserk, it's the Kardashians. Led by Kim, they have remained a favorite for millions of celebrity lifestyle lovers, feasting on all sorts of publicity, be it good or bad.

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It's okay to say that the family has a thing for controversies, and once again, glamor queen Kim is at it. However, this time she may have had help from her daughter, North.

It is a well-known fact among fans that Kim has plans for her eldest daughter, North, to follow up her path in the beauty industry; thus introducing her to the glamor life at a very young age.


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However, the five-year-old girl took things a step further when she appeared in their Christmas family picture in ‘Sparkling’ red lips – an act that set the internet aflame.

The photos were uploaded on Kim's personal Instagram page, following the epic Kardashian-Jenner family Christmas party, and it featured her husband, Kanye West, and their three kids: North, Saint, and Chicago. However, North stole the spotlight and it was for no other reason than her choice of lipstick.

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Merry Christmas 🎄

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Of course, wearing lipstick is not a big deal, but several internet users were concerned about the choice of color, a vividly bright red, and thought it was inappropriate for her age. This brought a lot of criticism on her mom, Kim, with several users hurling insults at her.

A user, @ackieboo162, warned:

"The red lipstick on ur daughter is probably too old for her. Weird ppl are going to take that the wrong way.”

There were several other people who thought the gesture was impressive and complimented North and her mother.


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Fans were still in a rift over whether the choice of lipstick was right or wrong when they were taken aback by Kim's announcement. 

She disclosed that the little girl picked the lipstick herself and, surprisingly, it may be a new color to be unveiled soon in KIm's line of cosmetics. In reply to a fan on Twitter, she wrote:

Well, that was certainly not the answer millions were expecting. It remains unclear if the act was done on purpose to generate controversy, and attract attention to her new kit.


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However, one thing is certain: both mom and daughter looked very good in the family photo, and we will be on the lookout to see how this all plays out.

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