Andrea Bocelli Lights Up The World As He Teams Up With His Talented Son To Perform A Timeless Classic


October 5, 2018 17:21 By Mambee

Many people are of the opinion that the golden age of music is long gone. The contemporary sound omay do well with a large number of people, but there are those who yearn for the quality of the classics.

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undefinedAndrea Bocelli / YouTube

However, sometimes, an old soul shows up in our radar to bless us with amazing music. And this is what Andrea Bocelli usually does, but there was this one time he shared the spotlight. 

Italian singer and songwriter, Andrea Bocelli, has a voice that freezes time. Tales of his incredible singing are the stuff legends are made of.

In her description of his voice, Celine Dion said that if the almighty God had a voice, it would sound a whole lot like that Andrea's.

This lovable and incredibly talented vocalist has once again tugged at the heartstrings of millions when he teamed up with his son. Andrea has recently released a duet with Matteo Bocelli, his 20-year-old son, and it is already a hit.

undefinedAndrea Bocelli / YouTube

Beyond the melodious rhythm of the song, the visuals of the video capture the bond between a talented father and his beloved, equally skilled son. It obvious from that the apple didn't fall far from the tree in Matteo’s case. Matteo definitely inherited his father's singing and performing prowess.

According to Andrea, the song was intended to speak to any parent and, certainly, it has already spoken to millions who have listened. The video on YouTube has gotten more than 10 million views already.

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Shockingly, this duet is a first for the Bocellis and one can only wonder why they have deprived the world of this goodness for so long. The timeless classic from the talented duo is titled ‘Fall On Me.’

The star singer revealed that this song has helped him achiece an age-long dream. The wonderful vocalist says that he has always wanted to touch his listeners in the same way the musicians he listened to as a child touched him.

undefinedAndrea Bocelli / YouTube

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He has certainly reached his goat as the song touches everyone who listens with an open heart.