Prince Harry Was Touched As Australian Choir Serenades Him With 'Stand By Me'

Date October 22, 2018

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex both had a fantastic time during their royal tour of Australia. As the world continues to congratulate them on their baby news, Harry and Meghan met with fans and made an overall good impression during their royal tour. 

There were a few memorable moments during this trip. For instance, the Duke and Duchess have received gifts from fans, including a massive flower bouquet for Meghan that caught Harry's attention. 

Prince Harry Was Touched As Australian Choir Serenades Him With 'Stand By Me'gettyimages

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Then, the prince had his own special gift as he was serenaded with their wedding song, "Stand by Me," by Ben E King. The whole show was courtesy of Brendan Fevola of Fox FM.

As Harry was greeting his fans in Melbourn on Thursday, a choir suddenly began singing, during which they also took off their jackets. They were all wearing T-shirts that had a picture from Harry and Meghan's engagement photoshoot printed on them. 

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Prince Harry could be heard asking in surprise, "Who's singing? Who's singing?" The Duke even did a little dance, then placed a hand on his ear, which was his way of encouraging the group to sing louder. He then expressed his own opinion of the choir's amazing rendition of the song. 

Much better than the original!

He was referencing the performance by the Karen Gibson and The Kingdom Choir, who sang this same song during Harry and Meghan's wedding in May.

The radio station tweeted a video of this moment, as they also said how "amazing" the whole thing was. 

Fans were also super thrilled to see Prince Harry looking so happy, especially the part where he did a dance for the song. They could see that the royal was very pleased with the unexpected performance and it was a joy to see Harry in such a fantastic mood. 

Last week, the royal family announced that Harry and Meghan are expecting their first child next Spring. We think his impending fatherhood could have a lot to do with the Duke of Sussex's great mood. 

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