Barack Obama Surprises His Wife With A Bunch Of Roses During Her Book Tour

Date November 21, 2018

Barack Obama has once again proved that he knows how to get everyone on social media to go "aww". The former US President showed up at his wife's book tour to surprise her with a bunch of roses. 

The former FLOTUS is currently promoting her memoir, Becoming, and her husband decided to pay her a loving visit while she was on her book tour. Michelle was in Washington, D.C., being interviewed by Valerie Jarrett when the crowd was told that a very special guest would be arriving on stage. 

Barack Obama Surprises His Wife With A Bunch Of Roses During Her Book Tourgettyimages

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Sure enough, Barack Obama stepped out holding a bouquet of pink roses for his wife. Michelle had the biggest smile on her face as her dashing husband walked on to hand her the flowers. He even referred to himself as the Jay-Z to his wife's Beyonce. He said:

This is like, you know when Jay Z comes out during the Beyonce concert?… Like, 'Crazy in Love'?

The crowd went absolutely wild as Barack sat next to his wife. He revealed that he had been listening to her talk, even joking about some things he would like to "correct". He also delved into how Michelle won his heart when they first met, while they were working together at a law firm in Chicago. 

Barack Obama described his wife as "one of a kind" and honest. He said that even then, he knew that if this woman became the mother of his kids, those children would be "extraordinary."

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Fans are smitten

The short video clip of the surprise appearance has already made its rounds all over social media, and many fans of the couple are touched to see how much the Barack and Michelle Obama still loved each other. 

Michelle Obama later twitted a picture of the couple at the event with the caption, "look who dropped by!"

This duo always raise the bar when it comes to couple goals, and we couldn't be more in awe of them.

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