Then And Now! What Are The 'Back To The Future' Cast Up To Today?

Date July 11, 2018

The 'Back To The Future' trilogy was a massive hit many years ago. The first film in the franchise was released in 1985. It starred talented actors like Michael J.Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

It's been more than 33 years since the movie premiered and a lot has changed since then. Let's catch up with some of those stars and see where they are today.

Michael J. Fox

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He played the role of Marty McFly, the teenage time-traveling protagonist. 


He most recently guest-starred on the TV show 'Designated Survivor,' even though he has been batling Parkinson's for years now.

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Lea Thompson

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She played Marty's mom, Lorraine. 

In 2017, it was announced that she would have a role in the upcoming film, Little Women.

Christopher Lloyd

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His character was, Emmet 'Doc' Brown, was the mad but genous scientist in the movie.

He very recently starred in the now-canceled TV show 'Roseanne' as Lou.

Crispin Glover

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He was Marty's father, George. The character struggle to begin a relationship with Lorraine, and Marty's future existence was put in jeopardy.

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Since his days on BTTF, he has starred in a few movies including 'Hot Tub Time Machine,' 'Mr. Nice,' and 'Freaky Deaky.'

Tom Wilson

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He played Biff Tannen, a bully who did his best to thwart Marty's efforts to unite his parents.

He has acted in a few movies over the years. Apart from that, he hosted his own podcast and even worked on building a career in stand-up comedy.

Source: EW

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