Body Language Experts Break Down How The Royal Family Felt During Prince Louis' Christenin

Body Language Experts Break Down How The Royal Family Felt During Prince Louis' Christening


July 11, 2018 16:51 By Mambee

On July 9, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, plus their adorable kids, came out to celebrate Prince Louis' Christening. Other members of the royal family were also in attendance.


Will and Kate's 11-week-old son was christened at Chapel Royal at St. James's Palace. It was really nice to get our second glimpse of the handsome prince since he was born, back in April.


But was the royal family as thrilled with the moment as they seemed to be? Body language experts analyzed the attendees and spoke to GoodHousekeeping about what everyone was really feeling.

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Patty Wood, one of the experts, revealed that the overall tone was that of 'energy and happiness.'


However, it did not seem like that was what Prince William was feeling at the time the photo below was taken. Susan Constantine, a human behavioral expert, explained that the Duke's "pursed lips, intense eyes and stern face" showed that he was irritated by the paparazzi taking pictures of them.


Prince William was, however, happy to be at the joyous occasion with his family. He also showed himself to be an active and involved dad. Just look how he took charge of George and Charlotte. At one point, he even instructed them to greet the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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As for Kate Middleton, she was obviously thrilled as she proudly held her infant child. Wood pointed out that her joyous expression, open smile and raised eyebrows as she talked to the the Archbishop proved that she was in great spirits that day.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were there to celebrate this lovely event as well. But one thing most people did not notice was Meghan's slight faux pas.


In the video below, she can be seen reaching for her husband arms, obviously, it's a habit that comes naturally to her. However, she pulled back as PDAs are not really encouraged in the royal family.

All in all, everyone seemed to have had a good time. And, of course, the biggest congratulations goes to the adorable Prince Louis.


We just can't wait until the next time we see him.

Source: GoodHousekeeping

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